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Are you being plagued by the paranormal? Is something going bump in the night and you want it to stop? Contact us, we'll be happy to answer questions, investigate, or perform a house blessing.

Carolina Hunters Of Paranormal Existence (HOPE) is a non-profit organization and we do not charge a fee. Our investigations are to help our clients understand the paranormal and how to deal with any paranormal activity that may be present in their homes or establishment. We do not endorse the utilization of Psychics – Ouija Boards, tarot cards, or any device used to conjure the non-living. HOPE does not do expositions for friends and/or family. What we do is strictly for our research and the morality of the client. Within this statement, it is recognized that only the client and immediate family or roommates residing within the home will be acknowledged in attending the investigation. This is also to ensure the protection of HOPE team members. HOPE management will determine if a homestead, establishment, or surrounding property is deemed competent to conduct an investigation. If a location is believed to be unfit or hazardous for our investigators, the client will be notified and an attempt to rectify the situation with the client will be conducted. If there can be no agreement between the client and HOPE management, all scheduled investigations will be terminated or suspended until further notice. Reasons for termination or suspension of an investigation:
  • Frail flooring and/or unstable stairs or steps
  • Vicious or unruly animals (Dogs, snakes, etc.)
  • Exposed firearms or weapons
  • Unsafe area or neighborhood (Gang activity or insignia, suspicious activity with vagrants or questionable persons in the vicinity)
  • Drug trading or drug usage
  • Aggressive or offensive behavior from client
  • Signs of false information from client
  • Obvious signs or evidence of mental instability in which client should consult with psychiatric personnel and/or clergy.
We also reserve the right to terminate an investigation if it is determined that occult practices such as divination, witchcraft, Satanic worship or any other practice deemed dangerous by the HOPE, is involved in any way with a case. If any evidence of this is found on the site of an investigation or our said clients are engaging in the practice or condoning such actions as stated, we will end and close the investigation. Although our objective is to support the client in their circumstances, HOPE will not place any of its members in harm’s way. Alternate avenues or methods will be examined in order to support the client. Such actions may involve the assistance of clergy. HOPE will not enter a client’s homestead or establishment unless the client in writing has granted full authorization and the client accompanies HOPE into the homestead establishment. No member of HOPE will enter a client’s bedroom area unless accompanied by another member and the client has signed a written agreement. It is a requirement of we to ask specific questions before, during, and after any investigation. It is anticipated that the client WILL answer all questions honestly and to the best of their ability without aggressive, dishonest or discreditable behavior. HOPE has the right to refuse any investigation request and shall exercise that right to secure the safety and reputation of our organization and its members. Standard procedure includes:
  1. An initial phone interview
  2. Preliminary interview at client’s home or business
  3. After the preliminary- HOPE will meet to discuss if an investigation is warranted. Upon our decision to accept the case, the client will be notified and we will schedule a full investigation into the location.
*Every Case is different, therefore each case will have a different procedure. * If at any time, we feel that there is a conflict of interest or that we cannot fulfill our duties required by the case… HOPE will discontinue the investigation and notify the client via email or phone, of the decision and reasons.
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Our community is very important to us. Not only do we want to help our clients and contribute the paranormal, we want to make the world around us a better place. As a team, we have committed to assisting with the clean up of historical locations, participating in community projects, and assisting in other areas as we see the need. We also aim to show love, compassion, and leadership in the community we are surrounded by.


Living with the paranormal can be all consuming. We know this personally. We also know that God is who truly gets us through it. With ordained ministers on our team, as well as members that have studied demonology, the Bible, and religion for decades (combined), we will be there to get the job done in the right way. Not of the Christian Faith? That's okay, we will enlist the help of clergy from your religion.


Once we are contacted by a client, we stay by their side. They remain our clients until their problem is solved and they are happy with the completed job. Whatever it takes, we will be there for our clients through thick and thin, available to answer questions, to talk, and to give advice anytime. We know what it is like to be plagued by the paranormal and we treat our clients in the way that we would want to be treated in the same situation.


While many of our members have lived and investigated the paranormal for years, research is still a very important part of what we do. We research our cases, techniques, and history. This helps us improve our process, help clients more, and generally expand our knowledge of the paranormal. Our research includes finding new ways of gathering evidence and getting results. This research includes experimenting with tried and true techniques, as well as out of the box processes.
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