LaVerne Zimmerman

My interest in the paranormal world began at age 13 when I had my first encounter with a full body apparition. In the years that followed, I had several more encounters. I was fortunate that my husband’s job allowed me to travel with him throughout the United States and Europe. While he attended trade shows, I visited castles, dungeons, churches, cemeteries, rectories, Stonehenge, and other places I could explore and ask questions of the locals! Up until recently all my encounters have been with people I knew who had passed away. Not until recently did I realize the danger paranormal investigators face when they encounter demonic entities during an investigation. These entities have strong powers! Investigators must be individuals of strong faith and wear the armor of God to deal with these entities without being harmed. Our team knows first hand what it’s like to be tormented by demonic forces and not know where to turn for help! We are here!
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Need help?

Are you being plagued by the paranormal? Is something going bump in the night and you want it to stop? Contact us, we'll be happy to answer questions, investigate, or perform a house blessing.

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